Our Flight Club is open to recreational pilots, whether they are just starting out to fly or already have more experience, but are looking to join a club to get more involved in the local flying community and keeping flying costs affordable.

To join the club, prospective members have to pay a $200.00 initiation fee, followed by a checkout in the Club’s aircraft with our Club CFI.

The monthly dues to maintain active membership in the club are $200.00. $75 of which will go to fund club expenses and reserves for upgrades and the remaining $125 can be credited to flight time for a period of up to 6 months.

Student Pilots working on their Private Pilot certificate with one of the club airplanes are assessed a reduced $25 club fee per month with the remaining $175 to be credited to flight time.

In order to keep flight costs affordable, members are asked to participate in maintenance of the aircraft by helping with annual inspections, keeping the aircraft clean and routine maintenance such as oil changes.

All club members must keep non-owned aircraft (renters) insurance in force.

In order to stay current, we encourage members to fly every month. Should a member not be able to fly for a while, then a short currency ride with our club instructor is required after 60 days of inactivity.

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