Win a Cessna 150 Airplane!

Puget Sound Flyers is holding a sweepstakes for one lucky person to win a completely refurbished Cessna 150M Airplane!


  • Entries are $20 each for one or $100 for six
  • Drawing will be held on August 1st 2020

How to Enter

For entries go to

What is the airplane?

A fully refurbished 1975 Cessna 150M aircraft, complete with new paint.

Who will benefit from the proceeds of the Sweepstakes?

Proceeds from this sweepstakes will go to fund our scholarship program for Post-Secondary education of young people who have survived cancer.

Cancer is not just a devastating disease but one that extracts an economic and emotional toll on a family of the child who is afflicted. This impact is most devastating to those families of limited means, which, as a result, limits, or most often, precludes a young person from going on to college or skills training, perpetuating a cycle of poverty. It is our hope we can grow this fund each year to help more and more young people with ever increasing scholarship awards.